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About Me and Lulu


Carol and Lulu

Although the world is full of suffering, it also is full of the overcoming of it.” — Helen Keller (June 1880 -June 1968) A former CPA, I had a full, rich life until a major stroke left me paralyzed on one side, unable to walk, to live independently, or even think clearly; as a result, I was forced to retire from the career that I loved and my twenty-year marriage disintegrated; I was so devastated by this incomprehensible happenstance that I became dedicated to warning others about the horror of strokes. Over the years since the absolute destruction of my life, it has became clear to me how powerful my positive outlook was in my recovery toward overcoming my suffering; three years after my stroke, I began writing down how I stay optimistic in spite of multiple challenges; in 2015, my first book, “Brain Attack: Surviving a Stroke,” was released. Motivated by my desire to empower others to succeed and thrive after such life-changing life events, I -continue writing other self-help books in my assisted-living apartment in Stockton, CA, where I live with my precious Chiweenie (Dachshund- Chihuahua mix), Lulu.


BrainAttack: Surviving A Stroke. 2015

From my Heart and Mind to Yours with Love

For brave stroke survivors wherever you are. Never give up!

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